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Welcome to a Renewed Life: Your Journey Begins with Our Homecare Services


Considering Home Care

At OJAN Healthcare, we know that considering home care services can come from different situations. Whether you need immediate assistance or you’re planning ahead, we’re here to help at every stage. You might be looking for personalised care for an elderly family member, support after surgery, or extra help with daily tasks – our services are designed for various needs.


Our main focus is your comfort, well-being, and peace of mind. We understand that this decision takes careful thought, and our caring team is here to ease any worries. Whether you’re just starting to gather information or urgently need help, OJAN Healthcare is dedicated to providing top-quality care.


Our team is not only experienced but also caring and understanding. We want to make sure everyone gets the care they deserve, delivered with kindness and professionalism. Take the next step confidently, knowing you have a committed team ready to help you make informed decisions and start this important journey.

Setting Up Home Care with OJAN Healthcare: A Simple Guide

Getting home care started shouldn’t be complicated. Here’s how we make it easy at OJAN Healthcare:

Contact Us

Tell us what care you need. We will help figure out the right level of care through simple tools.

Talk to Us

Have an important chat with our Client Care Liaison. Share your needs and learn about our services.

Personalised Assessment

A careful evaluation by our Care Assessor considers physical, emotional, and medical needs to create a custom care plan.

Finding the Right Carer

Our team matches you with a great carer based on the assessment for a smooth caregiving experience.

Ongoing Support

Once the carer is in place, we are here for you 24/7. We help manage care and handle any questions or worries.

Understanding Home Care Costs with OJAN Healthcare

To understand home care costs, you can compare options like independent carers or Care Homes. With us, you pay based on the hours in your chosen Care Plan, giving you more control.


Independent carers might seem cheaper per day, but they bring more responsibilities, less coordination, and no backup. If they’re sick or can’t come, your loved one might not get care. At OJAN Healthcare, our team is trained, and we follow rules from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) for being professional and reliable. Also, we have insurance for extra safety and peace of mind

Starting Your Home Care Journey with OJAN Healthcare

Let us know what home care you need. Our team is ready with trained carers to match your needs. Begin with a free phone chat to create your care plan. It’s all about making sure you feel safe and comfortable at home