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Caring for You: OJAN Healthcare's Personal Care Services

At OJAN Healthcare, we understand how important it is to feel comfortable and well-cared for at home. Our personal care services are designed to provide discreet, attentive, and personalised support, ensuring you or your loved one stays comfortable while receiving the care needed.

What Our Personal Care Services Include:

Help with Dressing and Grooming

Supporting with getting dressed and grooming while focusing on comfort and dignity.

Assistance with Bathing and Staying Clean

Assisting with refreshing showers, baths, and maintaining personal cleanliness.

Support with Using the Bathroom

Providing respectful support in using the restroom to maintain dignity and hygiene.

Support with Moving Safely

Assisting with safe movement and transfers to prevent accidents and promote independence.

Preparing for Sleep and Waking Up

Assisting with bedtime and morning routines for a peaceful rest and a comfortable start to the day.

Our Approach to Personal Care

At OJAN Healthcare, we prioritise personalised and compassionate care. Our trained team not only possesses high qualifications but also understands the importance of tailoring support to individual needs, ensuring a caring and respectful experience.

Accessing Our Personal Care Services

To access our personalised personal care services, please get in contact with us via the form below. Your comfort, dignity, and well-being are our top priorities, and we’re dedicated to providing the support you need.