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Home Visiting Carer Jobs: Bringing Comfort and Care at OJAN Healthcare

At OJAN Healthcare, we’re excited to offer positions as Home Visiting Carers, allowing you to provide crucial support to individuals in the comfort of their homes. As a Home Visiting Carer, your visits make a significant difference in our clients’ lives without the need for constant care. Here’s what you can expect with us:

Fair Pay

We understand and value the importance of your role as a Home Visiting Carer at OJAN Healthcare. That’s why we offer competitive pay rates that reflect the care and compassion you bring to our clients’ lives.


We prioritise your preparedness for the job. Our comprehensive training covers personal care, household management, medication reminders, and effective communication skills. This training equips you to provide exceptional care and support.

Flexible Hours

We respect your need for work-life balance. Our flexible schedules are tailored to accommodate your availability and personal commitments, ensuring you can provide outstanding care while managing your own life.

Supportive Atmosphere

Our workplace culture at OJAN Healthcare emphasises teamwork, open communication, and collaboration. Your contributions are valued and respected as part of our team dedicated to providing the best care.

Career Growth

Your professional development matters to us. Whether you’re new to caregiving or have experience, we provide resources and paths for career advancement as a Home Visiting Carer at OJAN Healthcare.

Join Our Team as a Home Visiting Carer at OJAN Healthcare

If you’re passionate about making a positive impact in individuals’ lives and ensuring their well-being and independence, we invite you to join us at OJAN Healthcare. As a Home Visiting Carer, you’ll be an essential part of maintaining our clients’ happiness and independence.

Contact Us

For further information about Home Visiting Carer roles or to apply, please contact us directly. Take the first step toward a rewarding caregiving career at OJAN Healthcare by getting in touch with us today. We’re eager to welcome you to our team of Home Visiting Carers.